Almond Classifieds Components for Joomla! 1.0, 1.5, 2.5, 3.x (GPL License)

Main Idea:
  Almond Classifieds main idea - easy to use, configurate and install; easy set up custom categories, fields, search; Friendly users' interface.

Features of Almond Classifieds Component for Joomla! (Free Edition, GPL)
  Almond Classifieds can be installed as a component for Joomla! content management system (versions 1.0, 1.5, 2.5, 3.x). This component includes the following main features:
General Features
  • PHP/MySQL driven classified ads;
  • Multiple categories for classified ads;
  • Users can place ads with photos;
  • Browsing ads sorted by pages, displaying latest ads first;
  • Preview photos thumbnails can be created by the script automatically;
  • A lot of parameters for configuring Classified Ads features and layout;
  • Admin. can specify the time period before ads expire.
  • Javascript checking ads submitting form before sending to the server.
  • Password protected editing, renewing, deleting of ads by owners so that only original poster can modify or delete an ad ;
  • Privacy Mail, which hides the e-mail addresses (optionally set up by admin.);
  • Optionally redirect all privacy mail messages for ads owners to admin, sending copies of privacy mails to admin;
  • Ability for admin. to modify or delete any ad via Web interface.
  • Admin can get e-mails list of ad owners of each category for using it in e-mail list programs.
  • Admin. can create as many ads categories as it is needed. For each category the set of ad fields (such as price, city, age, area, etc.) can be specified in different formats such as "text", "textarea", "select", "checkbox". For each ad field the search criteria - search for ads with keywords in the field or search for ads with field value in some numerical range ( for example, price field ) can be specified ;
  • Admin. can set the maximum size of the ad fields, max length of words in the fields, max. size and max. numbers of photos and media file in the ads;
Spam Guard
  • Optionally verification code can be applied to prevent using automated spamming programs for ads placing, sending privacy mails, membership subscribing.
  • Admin can delete the list of spam ads using search by spam keywords, spammers e-mails or IP addresses.
Using Google AdSense with Almond Classifieds
  Google AdSense matches ads to your site's content, and you earn money whenever your visitors click on them. AdSense for content automatically crawls the content of your pages and delivers ads (you can choose both text or image ads) that are relevant to your audience and your site content-ads so well-matched, in fact, that your readers will actually find them useful. More info about AdSense   Almond Classifieds has three groups of pages which are very attractive for placing AdSense banners on them. These are top pages with categories list for each city, pages with list of ads in each category, ads second pages with ads details. Last two groups of pages have more specific themes of each category (e.g. real estate, auto, services...), so using AdSense for content will be very effective as only appropriate relevant banners will be shown. Using Affiliate Network Classifieds edition allows to place your AdSesne banners on affiliate sites and increase your income.

Almond Classifieds Component (Pro Edition, GPL license)
In the Almond Classifieds Component (Pro Edition) all features of the Almond Classifieds Component (Free Edition) are already included. The following new features have been added to Pro Edition comparing with Free Edition one:
General Features
  • Optionally, layers with ads detailed info can be displayed when a user places mouse over add title on the ads index page. Admin. can specify which adsfields will be displayed on ads layers.
  • Users can place comments with photos into ads;
  • Users can browse top rated ads, top viewed ads, top contacted ads or top commented ads;Only one vote from one IP address can be included into top ads rating;
  • Protection from ads duplication.
  • Multilanguage mode can be set up; all words and comments for user's interface are placed into one file, so it is easy to translate them.
  • Optionally photos with too large size, e.g. from digital cameras, can be resized by the scriptto optimized size before saving them in the database.
  • Users can place attachment file with any type from the list defined by admin e.g. .avi, .mpg, .txt, .doc, .xls, .zip.If users have large video files or archives, they can load them on popular file servers:Youtube.Com, Megaupload.Com, Rapidshare.Com or others, and then place URLs and titles for these files into their ad.
  • Users can embed video into ad e.g. from
  • Options of search engine optimization are included into the script. Keywords and description of tags for each category can be specified. Keywords generated from ad title and other ads fields are included into meta tag for ads details pages.
  • Optionally script can send expiration message to ads owners when their expired ads are deleted.
  • Templates allow to edit the html layout easily.
  • Ads can be organized into effective multilevel categories structure placed on the top page: e.g. at first, user can choose a city or country/city, then categories, then subcategories (e.g. goal; sex, romance; type of job: wanted, offered). Quick access to the subcategories, search form, cities list on the top page is based on the dynamic html technologies and provides effective layout.
  • Before browsing ads categories a user can choose a city and then browse or search ads only from that city. When a city is chosen all ads counters for categories/subcategories will be recalculated for the chosen city.
  • Optional two-level country/city selection. E.g. first a user can choose a country, then the list of cities of this country appears.
  • When a user clicks on categories groups (e.g. Personals, Merchandise, Jobs), then ads from all categories, which are included into this group, will be displayed in the ads index
Ads Highlighting
  • Ads can be highlighted with on-line payment by ads owners;
  • Highlighted ads are displayed at the top of index and they have a special expirationperiod; Admin can set up a special order for highlighted ads in the index pages;
  • Optionally only on highlighted ads large photos, attachments and videos can be displayed.Unless ad owner pays on-line for ad highlighting, only one small photo will be displayed on his ad.
  • Highlighted ads can be rotated at the top of ads index additionally to their place in the index;
  • Admin can set up the number of ad places at the top of ads index where highlighted ads will be rotated in the random order;
  • Highlighted ads can optionally be displayed on the ads second pages;
  • When a user clicks on categories groups (e.g. Personals, Merchandise, Jobs), then highlighted ads from all categories, which are included into this group, will be rotated at the top of ads index;
  • When a user chooses some location, then highlighted ads only from this location will be rotated at the top of the index;
  • Vip status for ads can be set up by admin and it allows to display highlighted ads at the top of ads index in all categories with or without locations limits.
Using AJAX
  Optionally AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technologies can be used. With AJAX web applications can retrieve data from the server asynchronously in the background without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page.In the Enterprise Edition cities, highlighted and latest ads on the top page are being loaded in the background. AJAX dynamic navigation for categories and for choosing locations (city or country/city) can be set up optionally.On the ads details pages large photos can also be loaded in the background that provides faster photos change. If a user returns on the top page to change a category or location, then cities lists and adswill be loaded from AJAX cache that provides faster pages loading. Also some visual effects (Fade In/Out, Slide Down ...) for menu items, ads layers, photos galleries (on the ads details pages) are added.
Keywords Suggestions
  Fast search with keywords suggestions using AJAX technologies can be set up. Users can browse classifieds keywords in alphabetical or popularity order. Users can input a list of keywords - specific keywords, locations, job types, companies names, etc. Country, city, street can be specified as a location. Even if a city is not included into predefined list, users can search ads with such a location via fast search form.When a user chooses a category or city, then searching will be performed with these options. Also users can choose additional options for search which can be different for various categories (e.g. search ads with range of prices).
Random Ads and Photos Gallery
  The list of random ads with photos can be displayed on the ads top, ads list and ads details pages. The list of random ads is changing periodically while a user stays on this page. Highlighted ads are placed on the first positions of this list. If a user chooses some category or location, then random ads will match this query. Random ads are displayed only if total number of ads exceeds some value.
Users can click on the "Ads photos gallery" link to browse photos from ads which match their query.
Search Engine Optimization
  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) option allows to optimize and separate scriptURLs for two types - static and dynamic URLs. Static part for classifieds content is organized by the following directory structure:
This structure allows to include cities and categories names into URLs paths.Services and search modes of the script work with dynamic URLs. Such URLs separationallows to create simple XML sitemaps (e.g. Google Sitemap) and files robots.txt for indexing only classifieds content by search engines without service and search pages.
Ads Moderating
  • Optional moderating of ad submissions by administrator: the administrator has theability to look through the ads from a special form, analyze and edit ad informationand make a decision about submitting the ads to the index or deleting theads from that form. It can be done before the ads appear in the index.In this case all edit changes made by ad owners also appear in the index afterapproval by admin;
  • Admin can make some ads invisible for some period;
Spam Guard
  • Bad words guard; Admin can set up list of spam and bad words, ads with such words will be placed to bulk folder in the web admin interface and they can be easily deleted.
  • Contact e-mails for ads and IP addresses can also be placed into spam list.
  • Optional membership activation by clicking on the link in the activation e-mailor fee based membership with on-line credit card processing.
  • Optionally verification code can be applied to prevent using automated spamming programsfor ads placing, sending privacy mails, membership subscribing.
  • Admin can delete the list of spam ads using search by spam keywords, spammers e-mails or IP addresses.
  • Optional activating of ads by clicking on the activation link in the confirmation e-mail which was sent to ad owner after ad submitting.
  • Optionally hidden verification can be set up. In this case users' activity on submitting forms is analysed without using graphical CAPTCHA method.
Membership Features
  • Admin can set up password protection for the following services (members only service):
    - placing new ads;
    - viewing ads details pages;
    - sending private mails.
  • To get access to the following services users have to sign up.
  • The almond classifieds component use membership database of Joomla! CMS. So, members of other site services can use their login/password for access to password protected areas of Almond Classifieds.
  • If some members place more than one ad, on the second page of their ads a special link "browse all ads placed by member 'nickname' " appears; by clicking on this link user can browse all ads posted by this member to different categories;
  • If sending private mails is password protected, then a mail receiver will be notified about nickname of a member who sent this message;
  All Almond Classifieds scripts are open and not encrypted, so webmasters have full access to all scripts files.
    The followings are required:
  • Webhost server running a Unix operating system;
  • PHP(version 4 or higher) and MySQL, properly configured and installed;
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