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CGI Script ABS-6.01.
( Classified Ads with E-Commerce Solution )

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New!   Almond Classifieds - PHP4/MySQL driven classified ads scripts

Demo Version:  
    You can submit test ads.
  • Demo  (authorization login: s608 ; password: s608 )

Main Features: 
  • User's interface is intuitive and easy to use;
  • Multiple categories for Classified Ads 
  • Users can upload photo to the photo gallery with titles for each photo and submit more detailed text information for an ad (via their own browser). If it is necessary, they can update these files ;
  • Browsing the Ads sorted by pages displays latest ads first or with the order specified by admin. ;
  • Powerful database searching capabilities that allows users to search for ads by keywords in the ad fields or by numerical range within fields such as price, etc. User can decide how many ads are displayed on each search results page.
  • Password protected editing, renewing, deleting of Ads by owners so that only original poster can modify or delete an ad ;
  • Ability to subscribe to mail list. Each new submitted ad will be sent to mail list subscribers;
  • Membership sign up. Some classifieds abilities ( such as submitting ads, sending privacy mail to ad owners ) can be specified for use only by members. Member's sign up can be fee based. For this sign up algorithm with real time credit card processing is used that is one of cool features of our script. Users can pay and sign up for classified ads abilities they need in the real time. Admin. sets up subscribing period and max. numbers of logging for each fee-based ability. Sign Up link is placed on the menu bar. For real time credit card verification and processing the Clickbank.Com company is used, but other such on-line billing companies can be used as well.;
  • Privacy Mail, which hides the e-mail addresses (optionally set up by admin.) ;
  • Ability to submit messages to ad guestbooks ;

Admin. Abilities:  
  • Admin. can specify password protected and fee based services such as submitting ads, sending privacy mail for ad owners. Special editor with web-based interface for working with membership records is developed. Each member is specified by the following fields: login, password, name, e-mail, membership period, max. number of usage of the fee based service, list of accessible services for the user, brief description. Admin. can easily add, edit, delete member's records. Real time credit card processing for sign up of the fee based services is provided by the script that negotiates with the server of some on-line billing company such as ClickBank.Com.
    To learn more about how our on-line billing system works please Click Here.. Another on-line billing company for credit card processing and verification can be used as well.
  • Optional moderating of ad submissions by administrator: the administrator has the ability to look through the ads from a special form, analyze ad information and make a decision about submitting the ads to the index or deleting the ads from that form.; All this is done before the ads appear in the index. ;
  • Ability for admin. to modify easily or delete any ad via Web interface.
  • Ability to turn on or off "Privacy Mail" feature, which hides the e-mail addresses of ad owners throughout the classifieds. Visitors can send messages to ad owners via special web form.
  • Admin. can set up one of two modes: generating dynamical html pages with ads for each Web request or generating static ads pages by admin.; 
  • Optionally allows one ad submission per day per user ; 
  • Anti-Spamming features. Ability to block spammers by blocking their IP addresses. Admin. can add or delete IP addresses of problem visitors for which access to Classified Ads is denied ; 
  • Admin. can use the log file that monitors all user posts, modification and deletion of ads, including IP address logging. ;
  • Control Panel allows admin. to manage all aspects of the program through the web interface.
  • Advertisement abilities. Via web-based interface admin. can specify head and foot banners for the following pages: main page with categories list; first ad page with the last ads, next ad pages with oldest ads, second ad pages (where details and photos is placed); the different banners sets can be specified for each category. ;
  • Sending messages to the chosen list of ad owners ;
  • Redirect all privacy mail messages for Ad owners to admin. address;
  • Mail List. Admin. can set up the abilities that allow for users to subscribe for mail list. When some ad is submitted, it will be sent to each mail list subscriber (optionally set up by admin.); Admin. have abilities to moderate mail list, send message to mail list subscribers, specify the header, footer and subject text for mail list messages via web-based interface.
  • Admin. can specify the time period before ads expire;
  • Optional notification by e-mail to users whose ads are expired;
  • Admin. can create as many ads categories as it is needed. For each category the set of ad fields (such as price, city, age, area, etc.) can be specified. For each ad field the search criteria - search for ads with keywords in the field or search for ads with field value in some numerical range ( for example, price field ) can be specified. Case sensitive or unsensitive searching can be set up;
  • Admin. can set up ability for ad owners to load preview photos on the first page of the ad. This is intended as a small thumbnail photo for the ad;
  • Admin. can set the maximum size of the ad brief description , max. size and max. numbers of photos in the ads;
  • Optional prohibition or permission of html tags in Ads ; 
  • A lot of parameters for configuring Classified Ads features and layout;
Click here to see web interface for administration;

In comparison with our previous version ABS-5.01, the script ABS-6.01 has the following new features : mail list for each category, fee based membership with real time credit card processing, ability to generate static html pages by admin., ability to specify by command line the order of ads display, more configurable and customizable,

Additional Features
"Index Priority For Ads"
We have developed additional module for the script that allows to set up index priority for ads. For example, admin. can set up such index priorities: "Gold Ad", "Silver Ad", "Free ad". User will have the ability to submit ads with different priorities for different payments. Ads with higher priority ( "Gold" , "Silver") will be placed at the top of the ad index. Ads with lower priority ("Free") will be displayed after ads with higher priority. In our demo version such feature is included into "Real Estate" category. It is possible for admin to specify as many priority levels as it is needed. Admin has ability to change priority level for chosen ads. It can be done via web based interface. For different priority levels different services and features can be specified. For each level admin can turn on or off the following features:
  • allowing to submit more detailed information with photos;
  • expiration period;
  • set up privacy mail for an ad;
  • max size of a brief description for an ad;
  • includes guestbook into ad;
  • allowing to include html tags into ad;
  • color for ad title background;
"Multiple Subcategories"
This feature allows to create multiple subcategories via Web based interface for ads categories as many as is needed. Each subcategory has the same features as for ads category described above. In our demo version for category "Real Estate" two subcategories "Offered" and "Needed" are created.

Additional price for including these two features into the script is $95. So total price for the script will be $340.

  • ABS-6.01 - $245;
  • Additional module - $90;

Click here to order ABS-6.01 on-line

  Before purchasing ABS-6.01 script , please, try to install ABS-5.06 (Free Version ) script. These scripts has the same structure. Only if you are sure you are able to make installation settings in config file, set up custom categories and ads fields, we recommend you to purchase ABS-6.01 script.

The followings are required:
  • Webhost server running a Unix operating system;
  • Unix sendmail (or qmail) program, properly configured and installed;
  • Perl 5 interpreter, properly configured and installed;
  • Permission from your web host admin. for you to run custom cgi scripts;

Contact us:
    If you would like to purchase the script, have any questions, comments or suggestions, please send e-mail to