Simple Virtual Store
Version: 1.03
Platform: Unix
Price: $10

Main Features:
    Admin. creates the html page with the order form, which is linked with the cgi script. The script is hosted on the secure Web-server with SSL protocol. When some order is made, the script sends to admin. the order confirmation and write the order into the database. Admin. can view or delete the order entries using the SSL secure protocol and the password protection. Very easy to install and configure.

Demo Version:
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    For real time credit card processing we use company. After your purchase has been approved, you will need to "redeem your ClickBank ticket" to complete your purchase. To redeem your ticket, simply click on the link that says, "redeem my ticket". After this you will be able to load the script.

    You will be able to load the script "A-VS. Simple Virtual Store (price $10)" after one minute for real time credit card processing.

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